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" Its been a long but definitely a worth it experience.

My body feels so good and it makes me so happy "

Twinkle Uppal, Delhi.

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I had severe back/spine problems, and was suggested surgery for the same. I started treatment from Dr. Varsha M Khurana and I was able to walk pain-free within the first month of medication! Never went back to the hospital for the surgical procedure. I have been leading a normal and active life since more than 10 yrs now. Thank you so much!

Mehak Singh, New Delhi

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Twinkle Uppal, Delhi.

Its been a long but definitely a worth it experience.I  struggled with my problem for 3-4 years and wasn't diagnosed with anything particular but later when I started my journey with homeopathic medicine a year back and now when I see myself everything is so much better than ever . My body feels so good and it makes me so happy

I was diagnosed with endometriosis  in 2018. I had severe pains and irregularly in periods. Irregular spotting between cycles and major discomfort. I took to birth control pills and later a dnc on the suggestion of my gynecologist at max hospital. Until 2019 winters I was still suffering every day. Saw a post on dr Varsha’s fb and thought of trying homeopathy since nothing really was working and no respite from pains. Continued homeopathy for a few months. And soon started to feel much better.  Last month was almost like a miracle. My periods came on time, without pains, no in-between spotting. And my uterus felt so calm. I am so much better. My course is still on. I survived without our painkillers for two months flat. For someone who doesn’t know what endometriosis is May not understand the relief either. I totally recommend Varsha for the same.

Reeeti Arneja

My daughter would get recurrent bronchitis attacks and was under nebulisation for the same from her paediatrician. We were told that she would need an inhaler very soon and was asthmatic. I went into treatment with Dr. Varsha M Khurana and within a few months, she was entirely on Homeopathy without any need for nebulisation or  inhalers. In fact, she never needed any antibiotics too, and her regular cold/coughs which were very infrequent now, were managed exclusively with Homeopathy.

Mahima Kwatra, Mother of Sarah Kwatra

I had insomnia for years altogether and I was on sleeping pills. I started treatment with Dr. Varsha M Khurana, and it was taken care of within the first two months. I never had to go back to taking the pills again. Very grateful

Anita Arora, Birmingham, UK

Mahima Kwatra, Mother of Sarah Kwatra

I’m very pleased with my experience at Dr. Varsha M Khurana’s clinic. She attentively heard my problems, and her medicines proved to be a miracle for me. She has cured my bronchitis and even some hormonal issues. I’m back to my routine, feeling all healthy and fit.

Romita Khurana Sahni, New Delhi


 “Homeopathy for the entire family”

Jessica Brewington, US