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First Consultation
(With Medication)

A detailed discussion about YOU, on all levels.

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Follow Up


An update on your condition essentially.

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Indivisualised Diet Programs (monthly)

These will cater to the specific disease conditions that you suffer from, not just weight loss. It is a monthly plan to begin with, sent to you in 2 parts, with fortnightly updates.

Assorted Medicine

Acute / Quick Consultation

For all the symptoms that are recent, or have lasted for upto 2-3 week. Eg. Cough, fever, UTI etc.

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Counselling cum


This will be for patients who need counseling coupled with a Homeopathic consultation. Both the purposes solved in one single session. 75-90 mins

Psychology Patient

Individual Counselling Session

A detailed counseling session which gives you an opportunity to talk about your deepest fears and anxieties. I'll help you deal with your everyday life situations & relationships in a best manner possible..

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