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Advanced 20-Remedy
Homeopathic Course

Welcome To 20 Remedy Homeopathy Course

This is a course for professional homeopaths who want to understand the Mind Method or Mind rubrics properly for the most commonly used remedies. This is not a casual course as it does not include any physical symptoms of the remedies at all. It does not focus on common ailments and their remedy applications or any specific medicines as well. It is a detailed account of the most important Mind rubrics from our modern repertories. It has taken a lot of hard work, research and my own experiences, to be able to create this content. 


I would especially request the non-homeopaths to think before they sign up, if they will be able to understand homeopathy in this way as you do not have the background of the homeopathic philosophy that might be required to understand the applied symptoms. I strongly discourage non-homeopaths sign-up for this course. 


It is a good course to consider for homeopaths who are at the beginning of their practices or who want to learn more about the mind symptoms & rubrics. How to select rubrics for a particular case or through the patient presentation, is what I have tried to focus on, in the overall content. 


This course includes a detailed 45-60 min videos explaining the rubrics and their meanings of each individual remedy. It also includes the list of most important rubrics as a separate document, for each remedy covered. Each video and attached document will be released for your usage every 10 days, from the day you sign up for the course. 



1. Calcarea carbonicum 

2. Natrum muriaticum

3. Lycopodium clavatum

4. Belladonna

5. Sulphur 

6. Sepia 

7. Baryta carbonicum 

8. Phosphorus 

9. Platina 

10. Ignatia 

11. Pulsatilla pratensis 

12. Hyoscyamus

13. Silicea

14. Carcinocene

15. Stramonium 

16. Lachesis 

17. Veratrum

18. Arsenicum album 

19. Tuberculinum 

20. Tarentula hispania 


I would urge you to read up on the remedy I have taken up for you, from different authentic sources, to do your own research as you are already aware, how exhaustive, homeopathic remedies can be. Most of all, we all need to break our prejudices for polychrest remedies as many times, the remedies can present in completely different ways. We are all students for life. 


Hope you will benefit from the course and enjoy it at the same time! 

Are You Ready To Learn?
All Most commonly used 20 remedies in homeopathy, explained through the mind rubrics.
Individual Most commonly used 20 remedies in homeopathy, explained through the mind rubrics.
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