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Dr. Varsha M Khuarna

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I'm a mother & physician to my two kids, 11 & 3 yr olds, who have been exclusively on Homoeopathy until now. Extremely passionate about working with women & children for their mental upliftment and physical well being. 

I operate from my two clinics in New Delhi, (Model Town & Defence colony), but also see my national & international patients via Skype or Zoom or WebEx. 

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My daughter would get recurrent bronchitis attacks and was under nebulisation for the same from her paediatrician. We were told that she would need an inhaler very soon and was asthmatic. I went into treatment with Dr. Varsha M Khurana and within a few months, she was entirely on Homeopathy without any need for nebulisation or  inhalers. In fact, she never needed any antibiotics too, and her regular cold/coughs which were very infrequent now, were managed exclusively with Homeopathy.

Mahima Kwatra, Mother of Sarah Kwatra