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Have you been trying to conceive (having unprotected sex) for more than 1-2 years? Are you getting frustrated
with your inability to conceive? Or you did get pregnant but had a spontaneous miscarriage, once or multiple
times? This is also termed as Infertility, which is common in the current times and is on the rise, unfortunately.

The exact etiology or causation for Infertility is hard to determine in many cases but usually it is related to:

  • Ovulation troubles

  • Deficiency of certain hormones in either sex

  • Quality of the ovum or the sperm

  • Frank pathology like tubal blockage is found to be the case in a small percentage of Infertility cases as well.

There are many treatment options like hormonal treatment, fertility drugs and surgery but homeopathy is found to be very safe and effective for Infertility as well, not to mention, inexpensive, hassle-free, and free of side-effects, in comparison to the conventional methods.


  • ​Infertility, primary or secondary: Inability to conceive for more than 2 yrs.

  • Participants must be between the age of 21 – 45 yrs.

  • A history of recurrent miscarriages or spontaneous abortions.

  • The participant or participants (couple together) should be willing to work with a homeopath for a minimum of four consultations for a detailed case study and subsequent follow-ups.

  • The participant should be prepared to use homeopathic remedies.

  • Consent for the possibility of using the follow-up data and feedback (anonymously and with your privacy intact) as testimonials, posts, social media, articles etc. online and otherwise, by the homeopath.



  • To offer a safe, effective, and inexpensive treatment alternative option to struggling and frustrated couples.

  • To gather data and information which will be helpful to couples who are contemplating different
    treatment options for Infertility.

  • To understand and evaluate the scope of homeopathy as a useful therapy for Infertility.

  • To spread awareness of the use of homeopathy as a viable treatment option for Infertility..

The STUDY will CONSIST of:

  • 4 consultations, one detailed/ full consultation and 3 follow-up meetings, with Dr. Varsha M Khurana, 
    a medically trained homeopath with an experience of more than 18 yrs.

  • The duration of the study can vary from 5-9 months. (9 months maximum)

  • You can e-mail me, if you have any queries before booking the study or you can book a free 15-min
    chat with me, through my website (mentioned below)

  • Applications for the study will close on 31 st May 2022

  • The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 and is subject to availability.

  • The consultations will be all online, through zoom video calls and the prescriptions will be emailed to
    you subsequently.

  • Your detailed medical history is a part of the consultations and your current medical tests and prescriptions, if any, would need to be forwarded to me through email before the 1 st consultation.

Price List Instagram Post (3).png

(If we have joint consultations, with both partners, the price will be a

total of 500 US $, for 4 joint consultations)

I also offer pregnancy support, through homeopathy and would really like to be a part of
your journey from conception to delivery of a healthy new-born. Of course, that can be
discussed when we have already achieved the first milestone of a healthy conception. I
am looking forward to working with you.

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