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Updated: Jun 4

No matter how much we talk about Homeopathy, we always come across people internationally who are new to our therapy, or who have never heard about it in their life until now. I have spoken about a general introduction to it, in my other articles.

Now what is the difference between ACUTE AND CHRONIC PRESCRIBING?

This is something I get asked about almost every day. As a homeopath, when I am interacting on the various online groups, it is sometimes a challenge for me to suggest remedies. I will try to explain why.

I am on the various groups, so I can assist you with remedy suggestions for RECENT OR UNCOMPLICATED STATES, like a recent cold, fever, cough, headache etc. This is referred to as ACUTE PRESCRIBING. Please note even when it is a recent state, I need to know

  • What is the most bothersome symptom?

  • Since when have the symptoms manifested? Can you think of a trigger?

  • What makes the person feel better or worse? Any time of the day, any posture, any temperature, any food/ drinks etc.

  • Is there any change in the behavior of the person? Is there any deviation in the general mindset?

  • How is the person coping during the episode? What is he doing at the time of attack of pain or high fever etc.?

  • Is there anything that accompanies the main symptom?

This information will help me suggest some remedies in response to your current question. Those remedies will only aim at temporary relief of symptoms in the next few days. In case you do not feel the relief, please consider a Short consultation, for me to be able to understand the current state in a more detailed manner. Here’s the link to an ACUTE CONSULTATION, through my website.

Now, when we speak about CHRONIC PRESCRIBING, it is just a completely different ball game.

Firstly, it is for states that are long-lasting in nature, more than a month usually. These states are conditions that the body is not being able to resist on its own, so we need to support the system or optimize the system through well-matched homeopathic potentized remedies, so our body is able to develop more resistance for those predispositions or long lasting symptoms or recurring conditions. In other words, this kind of treatment will elevate your level of health in a holistic way, so your immune system becomes stronger.

Now, to match the RIGHT REMEDY to your state of health, we need to gather so much information like your physical symptoms in complete details, your mental state now as well as in the past, your family history, your general behavior, your personality etc.

I have written an article in the past about a TYPICAL FIRST CONSULTATION WITH ME, which you can read by clicking on the button given below.

Just to explain a bit further, the so-called RIGHT REMEDY/REMEDIES is/are the one or a series of remedies (in most modern life cases), which matches you on the deepest physical, mental & emotional states of health. This is no easy task. We come from years and years of experience and still even the best homeopaths can take anywhere from 1-2 yrs. to treat you for the myriad of symptoms that you present with. It can take time and perseverance on the part of the patient as well as the homeopath, if we really want to make a difference in your state of vitality. But, trust me, it is so worth it, when you achieve those permanent changes in your system, that you can feel like a different person altogether.

So many of my patients who come to me from a place of tremendous years of emotional or traumatic baggage, even abuse, or complicated physical traits presenting through multiple organs of the body, tend to be so surprised when they report, that

“It’s like a weight has lifted off, after so many yrs.”


“It’s like years of therapy done in only a couple of months”


“Did you give a sleep inducer?”


“Did you give me a pain-killer?”

So many times, my patients surprise me with such statements, even after so many years of practice!

As a homeopath with 19-20 yrs. experience now, I have another professional homeopath who handles my Hashimoto’s and my children’s cases, or my husband’s liver issues etc.

The most important thing in this process, is to trust your homeopath as well as communicate effectively and brutally, honestly. This is the only requirement on your part that I would ask for, if we were to work together, to achieve the best level of health in your individual case.

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Have a wonderful day!

For more information and tips on homeopathy get my book At Home With Homeopathy.

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