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A typical consultation with me ...

Updated: Jun 4

At a typical FIRST APPOINTMENT for a CHRONIC (more than a year of the symptoms/ complaint) CASE, my routine is to first  ️ Just listen to all of what you have to tell me ️ See all of what you have to show me (reports etc.) ️ Observe all of what needs to be keenly observed physically (tongue, nails, skin color, eye color etc.) ️ Observe your entire mannerism or body language, your personality etc.  Then it's time for some questions & answers on ️ Thermal temperament ️ Thirst ️ Appetite ️ Cravings/ aversions wrt food ️ Sweat patterns ️ Stool/ Urine : Color, consistency, odors, before & after symptoms  ️ Sleep position, & patterns  ️ Dreams in details  ️ In case of females, menstrual history, character, time, quantity, before & after symptoms, leucorrhoea, if any.  Then comes your entire PERSONAL HISTORY right from birth, through infancy, childhood, puberty etc. Then your FAMILY HISTORY, which is also equally important.  Then comes your LIFE HISTORY ️ Your struggles, & how you handled them ️ Your fears ️ Your aspirations ️ Your relationships ️ Your inhibitions ️ Your life goals  ️️️️️ The list the endless, and varies with every individual After I'm done taking all of this detail, I have to now get to a LIBRARY of BOOKS that I have developed over a significant period of time. I have to use the SOFTWARE that I have invested in, after saving for it, in my years of clinical practice. It takes roughly an hour to TWO HOURS of ANALYSIS for deciding the FIRST PRESCRIPTION for one chronic case.  When was the last time, a CONVENTIONAL doctor took so much interest in you or gave so much time to just understand your physical & mental issues?  I took 7 yrs to complete my education to become a medical homeopath from the best graduate College for homeopathy, NEHRU HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, DELHI, INDIA. I have an EXPERIENCE of 15 YEARS in my field now. There were months when I didn't earn enough to even just take care of myself, forget about taking care of my kids. I'm thankful for my husband, that he took care of everything in those times, so I didn't have to stress about the finances.  I'm not writing this to tell you about my hardships in life, this is not to impress anyone.  This is to make you UNDERSTAND the PROCESS, the HARD WORK, & the DEDICATION that goes into each & every case that I handle. 

I am here to work with you to improve your overall level of health as well as to address specific issues.  Looking forward to a meaningful association!

For more information and tips on homeopathy get my book At Home With Homeopathy.

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