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Viral Infections and Homeopathy

Here are some general remedies and their indications for Viral infections.

Aconite: Inflammatory remedy, high fever, dry skin and mental anxiety and restlessness,

after exposure to cold winds

Arsenicum album: Sudden onset with much weakness, violent sneezing. It looks like the

child has been suffering since a week but it’s just 1-2 days of the infection. It could get

worse at night. A sensation of suffocation at night especially.

Arsenicum hydroiodicum: Violent sneezing with coldness of the nose, the patient needs to

cover up warmly. The breathing is rapid with coldness of limbs and weakness.

Belladonna: Red hot skin, heat emanating to the hand who is feeling the surface of the skin.

Slight perspiration with fever. Headaches with cough, the cough makes the headaches

worse. Sleepy but cannot sleep.

Bryonia: Headache, always on coughing and stooping. Slightest motion aggravates, the

patient wants to lie still and does not like to be disturbed. Sneezing between coughs with

dryness of the whole body, including mouth, lips, with increased thirst.

Eupatorium perfoliatum: Profuse discharge from the nose with sneezing. Hoarseness of

voice. The whole body pains as if the bones will break with soreness of the chest. Constant

restlessness with change of position.

Gelsimium: Thirstlessness with the cough and fever. Severe dizziness, slowness and mental

dullness right from the beginning of the infection. Shooting pain in the ear when swallowing.

Phellandrium: Hoarseness/ roughness of the throat, dry cough with breathlessness. Great

thirst with the pain like pins and needles in the chest. Sleeplessness with the cough. Urinary

burning with the cough.

Sabadilla: Violent sneezing and watery eye discharge on going in the open air. Cough with

vomiting, especially when lying down. Tonsils swelling going from the left to the right side,

more on empty swallowing. General aggravation in the cold weather.

Sticta pulmonaria: Excessive dryness of the nose with inability or difficulty in breathing

through the nose, better in the fresh air. The patient is constantly trying to blow the nose

but no mucus or discharge comes out.

There are endless other remedies like Pulsatilla, Mercuris, Nux vomica, Rhus tox, Iris

versicolor, Hydrastis can, Hepar sulph, Lycopodium etc. and so many smaller remedies like

Aralia racemosa, Wyethia, Mephitis, Grindelia, Justicia adhatoda etc. Homeopathy has

endless scope in respiratory conditions in general.

Working with a professional homeopath will always yield the best results in a recent or a long-standing condition of respiratory illnesses.

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