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Our children are the best gifts we are given in life.

Did you know that there is a Homeopathic Pregnancy Protocol that can be followed during pregnancy to give the gift of robust health to your unborn child?

The best part?

This prenatal plan uses homeopathic cell salts that you can simply dissolve in water and take with you anywhere. Plus, they give your body the easily assimilated minerals it needs at this crucial time without resorting to the artificial nutrients found in commercial prenatal vitamins.

It needs mention that no amount of cell salts will substitute for a diet of wholesome and nutrient-dense foods. So, I recommend that nutrients be obtained from “Super Foods,” those that have been eaten throughout the ages in preparation for and during pregnancy. They are:

  • Full-fat cheese

  • Full-fat yogurt

  • Loads of butter on all vegetables, and unprocessed meats, especially liver and other organ meats.

  • Eggs from pastured chickens are a valuable source of the omega 3 fatty acids your baby needs for brain development.

Daily Vitamin Supplementation

I’m not a proponent of taking daily vitamins, because it is very difficult to know, for example if there is a need for more calcium or whether the body is not able to absorb the calcium it already has. The daily consumption of any vitamin can overturn the balance of the system. For this reason, calcium taken in cell salt form and in raw milk and yogurt is reputed to be a better method of intake. However, when a woman is in labor, taking calcium is not a daily occurrence and the need for calcium at this time is well established. It aids in pain reduction.


The best time to care for the mother and baby is during pregnancy. Homeopathy is the gentlest and yet most powerful way to give the gift of robust health to both. This is also the best time for constitutional care, as both mother and child are treated as one. Homeopathy has no side effects and will not interfere with any other medications or procedures. It has been repeatedly shown that homeopathy, essential oils and a nutrient dense diet are fully safe for mother and child from the time of conception up to and including the birth.


Homeopathy, natural methods and nutrition.


Have you been trying to get pregnant since months or years?

Have you already tried IUI or IVF or thinking about investing yourself emotionally and financially to that long and traumatic process?

Have you and your partner tried following a healthy lifestyle to get pregnant?

If you have been trying to get pregnant since a year, and your test is still negative, think Homeopathy!

For conception to be successful, you need a healthy sperm and a healthy egg to get together or fertilize under favorable circumstances or environment in the body. Homeopathic remedies assist the body in the process of healing and repairing at every level, mental, emotional and physical as I have already explained it earlier. There may be blocks to fertility such as diagnosed PCOS, endometriosis or blocked fallopian tubes, but many a times there is no pathological evidence of the cause of Infertility. All of these factors combined with a detailed case-taking including your physical, mental & emotional state, are extremely important for me to prescribe for you effectively.

Both partners are expected and advised to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet alongside the homeopathic treatment.


With homeopathic treatment, your overall health and mental well-being will become much better. Changes may be gentle and gradual, but improvements typically include, more regular and better quality periods, reduction of PMT and painful periods, better timed ovulation, higher energy levels and improved sexual desire.


So every case is different for a Homeopath, some cases report improvement fairly quickly while some may take a few months to respond to treatment. I would ask you to be patient for 6 months and give yourself a chance at a healthy pregnancy without any complications.

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