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Updated: Jun 4

A heartwarming patient story

This is the story of a Primary Infertility Patient, who started their treatment with me in September 2019. This was a couple who were struggling with fertility issues since 10 yrs, right from the time they got married. The wife is 31 yrs old now and the husband is 37 yrs old. They came to me surprisingly referred by my house electrician! There was a history of

4 miscarriages, aborting at 2nd or early 3rd month, with severe abdominal pain and black spotting of blood. All the medical reports were normal showing no signs of pathology.

They were contemplating options like IVF & Surrogacy. But unfortunately, they felt financially challenged as those procedures can be quite overwhelmingly expensive.

So when they came to me, there was a desperation to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. I explained to them that it could take a minimum of 6 months or even a bit more in some cases, before they could see any results with homeopathy and that the treatment would need to continue throughout the pregnancy until birth. They were very determined to take proper treatment and showed remarkable perseverance throughout the treatment plan.

The woman was anxious and the history with multiple unsuccessful pregnancies had made her extremely fearful as well. I am not going into the particulars of the case, as that is not the purpose of this blog. To my pleasant surprise, she conceived early on, after 2 monthly prescriptions only.

But this was apparently no miracle as she had conceived earlier as well but unsuccessfully. Now started the even more challenging work. With a history of multiple miscarriages, I had advised her to take rest for the 1st trimester. Any kind of heavy work was completely abandoned. Also, she agreed not to get an ultrasound done until the completion of the 3rd month.

She would follow-up with me for any minor symptoms or difficulties during pregnancy and continued the treatment very properly until 3rd month passed and finally, the ultrasound was done which showed a healthy 12-13 week old single intra-uterine fetus (which I have shared previously in my posts). They were ecstatic and so was I! This was now definitely significant progress, considering their difficult history.

She still had symptoms like mild abdominal pain, cough, constipation, leucorrhea etc. all of which were handled with homeopathy alone. No other medication was used at all, during the course of the entire pregnancy. They did not even sign-up with a gynaecologist until the 3rd trimester, that too, on my request. They would only get the requisite ultrasounds and blood tests, as and when advised by me.

She was on

  • homeopathic supplementation protocol

  • her own individually indicated remedies, which changed every month, after a follow-up consultation and

  • some intercurrent remedies or nosodes, that I give to my patients at particular stages of a pregnancy to overcome negative genetic traits

  • SOS medicines as and when required

Recently, when she was in her last trimester, the situation in Delhi worsened wrt “you know what”. The couple was obviously anxious as no one was giving any guarantee of medical help, if and when required for her at the time of birth. Her parents reside in another town so they took the risk of taking her in a 12-hour long journey in these desperate circumstances, just so medical help would be at their disposal at the time of birth, if needed.

One interesting thing that I would like to mention is that she used to get these horrifying dreams of children which kept on during the course of the early pregnancy but changed to happy dreams relating to children in due course of time. This was so interesting for me as a homeopath as it told me that there was a positive change on the deeper level as well.

To cut the long story short, the couple has just delivered a healthy 3.2 kg baby boy, and I can’t contain my excitement right now.

They have voluntarily offered to do a video describing their entire history as well as treatment experience with me which I’m presenting here to you.

For more information and tips on homeopathy get my book At Home With Homeopathy.

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