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FEVER : A Friend or a Foe

Updated: Jun 4

Fever, typically, is an appropriate reaction of one’s immune system, in order to fight back whatever infection, the body is faced with, at that time.

Be it in children or adults, it’s not to be worried about as there’s nothing negative about a fever. It’s one of the most positive manifestations of your healthy immune system. Personally, I have never used paracetamol/ crocin/ calpol etc. for any fever that my children have suffered from or for that matter, for myself. I am constantly trying to educate my patients about fever but I still keep getting queries from people whether to suppress a fever with a pill or to wait for it to resolve on its own. Any fever above 104 F should be addressed with normal water fomentation and uncovering of the body. You can consult your physician but use the pill, only if its over and above 104 F and avoid it in fevers, that are lower than that (exceptions in children who are prone to febrile convulsions).

For me, I have never had to use a pill for fever, until now, for both of my children. I let the fever run, and let them rest, if the body is demanding rest in that phase. Now, I do understand, that it’s so difficult to see your child suffer from anything, be it a fever or pain or literally anything. Believe me, I have had my own share of battles that I had to fight with my partner, who would say, why not make the fever disappear with the pill? Why do you want your child to suffer? So I had to be very patient in those moments and I had to make him understand how the fever is making our children stronger, once we let their body fight it on its own. And finally, he stopped resisting my decisions, when he experienced it happening right in front of his eyes! Homeopathy has been used for my children, right from the day they were born and he saw it, that, no other medicines were ever needed to handle the most acute symptoms that they would suffer from. My son, who is 12 yrs old now, suffered from painful and recurrent ear infections, when he was 4-5 yrs old and it was completely handled with homeopathy alone, never needed any antibiotics. The attacks stopped completely within 5-6 months of treatment for my son, for which I am proud of myself, till this date. On the other hand, if I might add, there was this very close friend of mine, whose son was suffering from exactly the same condition almost around the same age, and was given repetitive courses of antibiotics as and when needed with ear infections and he had to finally undergo surgery as he suffered from hearing loss, around 10 yrs of age. You will find numerous such stories, if you just had a word with parents who have used both homeopathy and conventional medicine for their kids.

In today’s times, again this question has been coming from a lot of people with the virus. As usual, anti-pyretics are being prescribed freely to them. I only have one thing to say, if you suppress your fever, the infection will take longer to leave your body as the body is working in the opposite direction, and is desperately trying to throw a fever out, in order to be able to fight the virus effectively. In some cases, it could go deeper into more important organs of the body and the overall condition can deteriorate.

The fever is not your enemy, it’s your friend and is only helping you to maintain, even uplift, your state of optimum health.


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