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Updated: Jun 4

Agraphis Nutans tincture: Single drop dose of tincture has been mentioned as a specific remedy for adenoid hypertrophy.

Iodum: This is a commonly used remedy for glandular swellings and apparently is one of the most commonly indicated remedies in such cases.

Calc iodatum: This remedy is highly recommended for all kinds of glandular enlargements, like tonsils, fibroids, adenoids, thyroid etc. with yellow discharges.

Calc phosphoricum: This is a polychrest remedy but nevertheless indicated in adenoid overgrowths commonly.

Sulph iodatum: Skin affections alongwith glandular enlargements is the indication for this remedy.

Tuberculinum: Another specific remedy mentioned in many of our source books. Now this is a deep-seated remedy and I would want to match the entire case to its overall presentation but this remedy is used as an intercurrent remedy in most cases.

Tonsillitis nosode 30C: This has been mentioned by Dr. Farokh Master, in connection with adenoid overgrowth as this proved beneficial to him in his vast experience.

I have mentioned potencies when a specific potency has been mentioned in the sources/ clinical tips, but every remedy is not mentioned with potency or dosage as that remains variable for everyone, depending upon their own sensitivity and intensity of symptoms. I would give general advice as to always use a lower potency like 6C or 30C, and repeat the remedy only when needed, depending upon a person’s discomfort and the reaction of the remedy.

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