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Avena sativa (5 drops is 1 dose): Morphine/ Narcotics addiction

Adrenalinum: This is a sarcode used for addictions in general, as most people have adrenal gland imbalance associated with this condition.


Angelica arch tincture: A specific remedy in tincture has shown good results.

Calcarea arsenicum/ Carboneum sulph: When there are complaints after abstaining from

alcohol, we can use this remedy.

Sterculia tincture: A specific remedy in tincture has shown good results.

China Arsenicum: When there is sleeplessness resulting from the addiction, this remedy is useful.

Quercus glandinus: A specific remedy has shown good results.

Crotalus horridus: A remedy indicated when liver has been adversely affected already by alcohol.

Sulphur: To address weakness in old drunkards, this is a good remedy.

Carboneum sulph: When a person is completely weakened or broken down by alcohol, we can think of this remedy.


Daphne indica: A specific remedy for this craving, mentioned in many source books.

Arsenicum album: This is indicated when a person craves for chewing tobacco.

Ignatia: This is indicated when a person craves for smoking tobacco.

Sepia: When there is dyspepsia or stomach troubles from tobacco excess.

Lycopodium: When there is impotency associated with tobacco usage.

Nux vomica: Indicated when there is a bad taste after tobacco usage.

Caladium: Specifically, to create an aversion to tobacco in the system.

Phosphorus: In patients where there are heart related affections, in a person with tobacco addiction, this remedy can be useful.

Lobelia inflata/ Tabacum: The main indications include chest tightness, nausea, dyspepsia, chest oppression from tobacco excesses.