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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

In this article, I want to bring attention to how we treat RECURRENT/ SPONTANEOUS

MISCARRIAGES with homeopathy.

Just like for any other condition, Homeopathy acts for this common condition as well in an individualized manner. We have over 500 remedies that can help such a state, but the work of a homeopath is to get to a right or indicated remedy that will suit a particular woman suffering from this condition depending upon her individual physical symptoms during an abortion as well as her mental state when suffering from such a condition. I will try to give

some tips to common remedies as well, but self-prescription is not advisable for such a condition as it is a chronic or long-lasting state of health that can be helped by working with a professional homeopath in a much more efficient way.

Although our repertories are exhaustive with 25-50+ remedies for the below-mentioned symptoms, I have tried to minimize and mention some main remedies only. This is only to give you an idea about homeopathy and how we need to analyze the patient from so many different perspectives to be able to decide an effective remedy for their condition.

  • When there is bearing down sensation or a contractive pain or cramps in the abdominal muscles: Agaricus, Sepia, Rhus tox, Viburnum opulus

  • Fainting, sinking feeling: Sabina

  • Heaviness abdomen: Chamomilla, Sepia

  • Labor like pains with haemorrhage: Pulsatilla

  • Anemia, accompanying: Aletris farinosa, Calcarea, China, Ferrum group

  • Anxiety with nervousness and excitability: AconiteBack pains: Belladonna, Kali carbonicum, Lycopodium, Cocculus, Caulophyllum, Bryonia

  • Chilliness, accompanying: Chamomilla, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla

  • Uterine congestion, from: Aletris farinosa, Belladonna, Cantharis, Caulophyllum, China, Cimicifuga, Crocus, Ustilago

  • Debility, with:

  • Mental depression, with: Nitric acid, Plumbum metallicum

  • Diarrhea, with: Erigeron, Gelsemium, Veratrum album

  • Ears, ringing, with: China

  • Exertion from: Helonias, Cinnamonum, Millefolium, Nitric acid, Rhus tox

  • Face, bright red face, with: Ferrum, Sulphur, Belladonna

  • Face, paleness, with: Ferrum group, Kali carbonicum

  • Grief, suppressed from: Ignatia

  • Misstep or strain, from: Rhus tox, Cinnamonum

Habitual tendency to abortion has over 150 remedies in our repertory.

Hemorrhage, character, quality, color, quantity, coagulated or not, odor, and so many permutations and combinations, which could decide the remedy as well.

Timing of abortion, early 1 st trimester or 2 nd or 3 rd trimester is also important and indicative of different remedies. The emotional condition of the patient, their circumstances in life, their reactions and perceptions to those situations are vital to be understood as well. So, a homeopathic prescription is never just a one-size-fits-all kind of approach, unlike conventional medicine. We must analyze the state of the patient from head to toe, physical symptoms, causative factors, underlying conditions, life circumstances, their inherent fears and familial tendencies, their health and family history, and so on and so forth.

To share my own story, I have a personal history of recurrent spontaneous miscarriages. I was with a gynecologist for my 1 st pregnancy, and I had my 1 st spontaneous abortion at 2 months under her care. I was told I should wait for 6 months to be able to conceive again for a healthy pregnancy. I was on regular supplementation starting day 1 of conception and was regularly following her advice. I started with a brown discharge at the beginning of 2 nd month and was advised bed rest with extra doses of progesterone. Despite doing all of that, my bleeding kept increasing and there was no heartbeat on my ultrasound at the end of 2 months.

I felt I had done everything but still this happened to me and felt dejected. This was very early on in my practice, and I was advised to take homeopathy by my mentor right away to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. I started medication with him and conceived after 3 months. I again developed a brown discharge at the same time and was put on another course of medication under my homeopath and advised bed rest as well. I did not go to a gynecologist until then and thought I will only do that at the time of my 12-week or Level 1 ultrasound. To my pleasant surprise, my ultrasound was normal at 12-13 weeks.

My pregnancy was monitored with medication, entirely by my homeopath, and my bed rest was lifted after 1 st trimester, and it was as normal as it is for any other woman. I could not thank him enough!

My personal experience left me speechless and opened my eyes to the power of Homeopathy being the safest and most effective therapy for my entire family. I think this experience influenced my professional practice as well and gave it a certain passion and direction.

A drive to spread this knowledge and therapy to as many people as I can, added a passion to my profession & I will continue to do that now and forever.

I specialize in conditions related to INFERTILITY AND PREGNANCY and am offering consultations at highly reduced prices as I am undertaking a STUDY on the same subject. Just in case, it is of interest to you or any of your friends or family, please share this link or my website with them and help me in my work.

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