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Updated: Jun 4

This blog post is written to give some common indications for conditions related to Abdominal surgeries and homeopathic remedies. This is by no means a prescription but only practical tips for remedies used more commonly than the others in some specific conditions.

Staphysagria: When the abdominal operation is unduly painful for no reason.

Carbo animalis (nightly dose): This produces sleep by removing the gastric condition that prevents it. It also produces prompt relief in abdominal distension after abdominal


Hyoscyamus nigra: When the patient is experiencing excessive and uncomfortable hiccoughs after an abdominal operation.

China/ Lycopodium/ Kali carbonicum: All of these medicines control flatulence or gas formation and encourage peristalsis or help with constipation after operations.

Raphanus bulbosus: Especially indicated for accumulation and retention of flatus/ gas in the abdomen. after a surgery.

Ferrum metallicum 30: This remedy is indicated for post-operative vomiting only after eating or induced by eating.

Strontium carbonicum: This remedy is also known as Surgeon’s Carbo veg and is used when there is sudden collapse of vital energy after operation, where Carbo veg at first seems indicated.

I have mentioned potencies when a specific potency has been mentioned in the sources/ clinical tips, but every remedy is not mentioned with potency or dosage as that remains variable for everyone, depending upon their own sensitivity and intensity of symptoms. I would give general advice as to always use a lower potency like 6C or 30C, and repeat the remedy only when needed, depending upon a person’s discomfort and the reaction of the remedy.

Please share this information, with anyone who might benefit from it or with all the self-prescribers, who use homeopathy at home and are well-prepared with Remedy kits or someone who is just starting their journey with homeopathy and would like more information at hand.

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Have a splendid day.

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