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Updated: Jun 4

In homeopathy, a tongue can lead you to the right remedy for a patient,

usually more relevant for acute or recent conditions.

Here’s a simple guide for the different types of tongues for some remedies,

that help us in choosing the closest match.

  • Clean with nausea: Asarum europeum, Ipecacuanha, Sulphur

  • Clean or slightly coated: Ipecacuanha

  • Clean with spasms stomach: Magnesia phos

  • Coated tongue with teeth imprints: Yucca fil, Mercurius

  • Cold flabby trembling: Camphor

  • Cold with cold breath: Carbo veg

  • Cold flabby trembling: Camphor

  • Cracked and bleeding: Arum triphyllum, Borax

  • Dirty greenish grey/ brown coating: Natrum sulph

  • Dirty, morning: Morgan g

  • Dry black trembles, protruded with difficulty: Lachesis

  • Dry cracked ulcerated: Baptisia, Bryonia, Mercurius

  • Dry as if burnt: Bryonia

  • Dry, red and shining, burning at the tip: Terebinth, Belladonna, Kali bichromicum, Nux moschata, Argentum nit

  • Edges coated, shrunken, dry leather like, paralysed: Muriatic ac

  • Fiery red, smooth, polished: Crotalus horridus, Pyrogenium

- Swollen intensely: Crotalus horr

  • Golden yellow coating at the base: Natrum phos

  • Greenish grey coating at the base: Natrum sulph

  • Large flabby with teeth imprints: Chelidonium, Hydrastis can, Merc sol, Podophyllum, Rhus tox

  • Mapped: Lachesis, Mercurius, Natrum mur, Taraxacum, Ranunculus scleratus

- Red insular patches : Natrum mur

- White film, feels raw; film comes off in patches, leaving dark red very sensitive spots : Taraxacum, Ranunculus bulbosus

  • Thick milky white coating: Antimonium crudum, Antim tart

  • Thick yellow with red edges, showing teeth imprints: Chelidonium, Podophyllum

  • Thick yellow coating at the base: Kali bich, Merc protoiodide

  • Tip and edges red: Merc protoiodide

  • Red: Morgan pure

  • Red edges, papillae; red and dry middle: Antim tart

  • Red streak down the middle: Veratrum viride

  • Ringworm on the sides: Arsenicum alb, Lachesis, Mercurius, Natrum mur, Nitric acid, Taraxacum

  • Smooth, glossy red: Terebinth, Pyrogenium

  • Very red, swollen with little coating: Diptherinum

  • White coated with red papillae and dry yellow brown centre: Baptisia

  • White or yellow, with red streak in the middle: Veratrum viride

These are just some of the tongues, but this study is exhaustive in


Hope this is a precise and helpful guide for all of you who use homeopathy at

home for their families.

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