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Consultation Packages

Consultation Package assures that you are under the care of a professional homeopath at the minimum consultation prices possible. 


These packages can be used for an individual or family as a whole, the first consultation will be the most detailed with current and past medical history analysis. Booking together means, one member of the family can go right after the other for their due consultations. (every 4-6 weeks, in most cases)

Family Portrait

3 individual consultations (pre-booking, valid for 9 months): 375 US $

3  Individual consultations

6 individual consultations (1 person, pre-booking, valid for 9 months): 650 US $

6 Individual consultations
3 Joint consultations

3 joint(2 people) consultations (pre-booking, valid for 15 months): 750 US $

12 Individual consultations 

12 individual(this package can be utilized for 1-2 people of the family) consultations (pre-booking, valid for 24 months):  1150 US $

Monthly installments are available on this Package

12 consultations 

12 consultations(Family-can be utilized by upto 4 members of a family) (pre-booking, valid for 16 months):  1250 US $

Monthly installments are available on this Package

Note: There is no refund policy in place for any of the packages

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