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"Most Common Rubrics" Course

Course Introduction


" This is a great Mind Rubrics Course designed for you, keeping in mind, the most common rubrics used in my practice, along with the appropriate explanations, as to the common version or the case presentations, that should lead us directly to the indicated rubric, and hence the final remedy selection becomes much easier. I feel that we somehow get limited to a very few rubrics that we are aware of and then keep using the same rubrics and fitting our patients into the rubrics, rather than the other way around, as that's how it should be. I would advise all of the students as well as practising homeopaths, to keep reading new rubrics everyday and doing searches on your repertorial softwares for different conditions like headache, constipation, fever etc. and you will see how you can really use the repertory beautifully in your practice. 


Also, many Mind Rubrics can have metaphorical meanings, and I have tried to explain them as well, as much as I could. This is, although, a never-ending study and we all are trying to learn more everyday and become better homeopaths. Hope this course will show you our repertories in a new and different light and your way of studying the repertory will change for the better. 


You will have my videos, explaining the rubrics for you and a presentation to go hand-in-hand so you can see it all, in front of you whilst watching my videos explaining them. The videos and presentation (downloadable) will be shared with you on your e-mail address. The videos will be valid for 30 days, from the day you sign up or you can share the date, when you want to receive the same. See you, on the other side! "

Hope you will benefit from the course and enjoy it at the same time! 

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 "Most Common Rubrics" Course
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